Another de-clutter…


I’m so bad at this! When I started this blog I was so adamant that I would really try and write at least a post a week… It’s been more than a month since my last post! I literally just have to laugh at myself at how pathetic this is! Like I said in my last post I’ve decided this blog will be just a way for me to vent and ‘de-clutter’ my brain. Reading my last post was really surreal being on the other side of exams and Summer. I got grades to be proud of in my mock exams. I got a really good grade in Maths which I’m really proud of as Maths is a toughy for me. There are a few grades I’m going to have to work on but I knew that going into the exams as all the content wasn’t given to us. Overall, I’m relatively happy with the grades I got and going into year 11 next year I’ve made a pledge to hunker down and get grades to be super proud of. Summer was fun! I had a walking holiday in Wales and we had great weather and I even got tan lines! I love holidays that are really chill and scenic as they calm me as I live in a bustling place at home. Being a ‘city girl’ in the countryside is super surreal. Everyone is so nice and welcoming and people will go out of their way to talk to you! If you did that on the street where I live you’d be given weird looks and uncomfortable silence! I also LOVE the welsh accent! Irish and Welsh are my two favourite accents now they’re just so smooth and friendly. Nothing like mine!

I’ve got just under two weeks left of the Summer holidays and then I’m back at school with GCSE’s looming. I’ve sorted out all my new stuff. Bought a new blazer that just about drowns me and a new tie as my other one lost its colour I washed it so much! Bought all my stationary – which is the best bit, of course – and put it in my pockets of my blazer! I used to have a pencil case but it gets a bit of pain having to take it out of your bag every lesson. Also, my school doesn’t have lockers so I try to keep the minimum amount of things in my backpack as – especially to PE days – it gets so so heavy!

It was pouring it down with rain earlier with thunder added to that but it has finally stopped but now everything looks a bit damp! The end of Summer to me makes me instantly think of Halloween, Guy Fawkes night and Christmas. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year with the coldness and the overall happiness that everyone has. When I’m sad I listen to Christmas songs and it always perks me up, especially old-fashioned songs with Frank Sinatra and such. I just love it!

That’s it I think! Hope whoever you are, wherever you are you’re doing good! x

Signing off…

much! i


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