De-cluttering my brain


I don’t really know what this blog post is going to be about but i just wanted to sit and talk. I haven’t written this blog in so long I’ve kinda forgotten why I started it in the first place so I might re-vamp the look of it…if I get round to it that is!

It seems my life – this whole academic year – has just been such a blur! It’s been mock exam after mock exam and of top of those there have been LOADS of mid-units. I’ve finally gotten used to this type of learning where every week and a half or so you’re tested on how much you’ve learnt and I do see the benefits of it. It shows me what I need to work on and what I just can’t face. I’m getting my mock results next week sometime…I think it’s Monday. I am nervous for it and I know they’re only mocks but I still care WAY too much. These are the first real GCSE exams I’ve sat in a GCSE environment so I have to cut myself some slack if I don’t do as well as I think I should. I have to remind myself that you’re not going to be good at everything first time and that’s okay. It’s only human. As long as I get a B or above in every subject I will be happy. I know that probably won’t be possible for Maths as currently I’m working at a low C grade but I need to remind myself at the beginning of this academic year I was just scraping a D in Maths so I have improved…just not a lot.

On a completely other note I am so looking forward to Summer. Now I’m going to admit, I don’t like Summer. I pretty much hate any hot weather. Summer is the time for body insecurity, getting my EXTREMELY pale legs out and having to try to find the perfect shorts! (I still haven’t found them yet!) But this year I have found I have
been way more accepting about my body. I’m not saying I look at it and think DAYYUUMM GURRL YOU LOOK FINE! But I look at it and no longer think there’s no way I can look good in shorts. I’ve started buying and trying out different brands of fake tan. Some have been BIG mistakes while others I’ve been pleasantly surprised about! This weekend I’m going out to buy the ‘Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs’ and I’m quite excited to try it! I’ve watched loads of YouTube videos about the best ways to apply and have been really impressed with the way it looks! It’s supposed to even out your leg skin tone, remove any blemishes or scars and give them a light tan. That is exactly what I want so if I really like it I will probably be raving about it soon on this blog. Like I said before, I really don’t know where this blog is going, I might just do anything and everything the sky being the limit and all!

The other thing I’d like to mention is I’m so excited for Zoella’s new beauty range and I just have to try them out! I can’t wait to smell them and something tells me they will smell kinda Soap and Glory-esck (if I’m making any sense there! )

Anyway, that’s really all I have to say now. This can actually be so useful at getting all the noise out of my head! If you’re still reading this thanks for getting this far! *virtual scented sticker given*

Signing off…


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