Songs that have shaped me

I thought that I would make a list of songs that have completely changed my life. I know it’s corny but I feel I need to express my gratitude to these amazing singers and songwriters. I will first give the Artist’s name, then the title of the song and then my favourite lyric.

And so it begins…


Ed Sheeran-

Bloodstream – ‘I saw scars upon a broken-hearted lover.’

Shirtsleeves – ‘I’m drowning in the oceans you’ve made.’

Even my Dad does sometimes – ‘It’s alright to cry, even my Dad does sometimes’.

Sunburn – ‘You scared and left me like a sunburn.’

Give me love – ‘Paint splattered tear drops’.


Taylor Swift-

I know places – ‘They are hunters, we are the foxes and we run’.

Clean – ‘Still all over me like a wine-stained dress I can’t wear anymore’.  ‘When the flowers we had grown together died of thirst’.

White Horse – ‘There in my rear-view mirror, disappearing now.’

Sad beautiful tragic – ‘Time is taking its sweet time erasing you.’

The lucky one – ‘Young things lined up to take your place.’


Fall Out Boy-

My song’s know what you did in the dark – ‘My childhood spat out the monster that you see’.

Save Rock and Roll – ‘Only came here to save Rock and Roll’.

Just one yesterday – ‘Anything you say can and will be held against you’.

Centuries – ‘You’re my cherry blossom, you’re about to bloom, you look so pretty but you’re gone so soon.’



Yellow Flicker Beat – ‘They used to shout my name, now they whisper it’.


Cat Power-

Sea of Love – ‘I want to tell you, how much I love you’.


Eminem and Sia-

Guts over fear – ‘No wonder I had to unlearn everything my brain was taught’.   ‘And it just breaks my heart to look at all the pain I’ve caused.’



Take me to Church – ‘She’s the giggle at a funeral.’


George Ezra-

Did you hear the rain?– ‘Lucifer’s inside.’


Bring me the Horizon-

Empire (let them sing) – ‘Surrounded by vicious cycles.’  ‘They came like moths to a flame’.


You me at Six-

Crash – ‘A meaningless routine. It’s meaningless to me’.


Brand New-

The boy who blocked his own shot –  ‘Holding onto your grudge.’   ‘You can’t keep a secret if it never was a secret to start.’     ‘At least pretend you didn’t want to get caught’.



Chandelier – ‘I’m going to swing from the chandelier.’



All I want – ‘But if you loved me, why’d you leave me?’


Les Miserables-

Empty chairs at empty tables – ‘ Oh my friends, my friends, forgive me, that I live and you are gone’.


Real Friends-

Hebron – ‘I was dead weight, pulling you down.’

I’ve given up on you – ‘It still hurts to know you’re not alone.’


Jack White-

Love is blindness – ‘Wrap the night around me’.       ‘Too numb to feel.’


Dr Dre, Eminem and Skylar Grey

I need a doctor – ‘I owe my life to you.’      ‘ I don’t think you realize what you mean to me.’       I can endure no more I demand you remember who you are.’        ‘It was YOU, who believed in me.’         ‘You saved my life, now maybe it’s my turn to save yours.’



Kim – ‘I hate you, I hate you, I swear to God I hate you…Oh my God I love you’.    ‘You were supposed to love me’.



Sail – ‘Maybe I’m a different breed’.  


Eminem and Nate Ruess-

Headlights – ‘Mum, I know I let you down.’


Miley Cyrus and French Montana-

FU – ‘I’ve got two letters for you.’


Lady Gaga-

Gypsy – ‘I left everyone I love at home’.


Linkin Park-

Numb – ‘Tired of being what you want me to be.’        ‘Can’t you see that you’re smothering me?!’


James Arthur-

Recovery – ‘Like rain on a Monday morning’.








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