exam stress

I’m sitting here after finishing twelve sheets of revision for an exam I have on Friday the 13th of June. (Yeah I know, unlucky or what!) I’m trying desperately to remember all I wrote and all I have learned but finding it increasingly difficult.

Everyone has a different method of revising, the lucky ones have photographic memory and just seem to be able to remember things easily. This, unfortunately, I am not. I find it difficult to remember things and I am the sort of learner who needs colour to enhance their revision notes. Procrastination is my one down fall. What I am doing now is procrastination. Instead of pouring over the pages I have just written I’m blogging. Yes- this will enhance my English- but this is not the subject I am revising for. (For anyone wondering I am revising for DT: product design) This subject is extremely difficult to revise for. Not only do you have to learn EVERYTHING about this type of design technology but I have no clue what the exam will contain.Image

This leads me on to my next point. I am pretty much a pessimist in almost everything, so knowing that 95% of the things I’m revising for wont even come up on the exam irritates me. It seems that exams aren’t a true representation of our learning and more about who can remember the most. I wouldn’t say my memory was appalling but it’s not the greatest. Examiners have no idea the stress students have in exams like this!

Also, I feel I need to live up to the expectations of not just the teachers, but my classmates as well. They think I’m stupid for stressing about the exam because they think I can just magic up an A but these types of exams are really hard. I have already done my mock exam in this and I got a B (four marks of an A) which I was pleased about, partly because I gained something knowing I could do it, and partly because I forgot to revise until the week before. When telling my friends this they basically said, told you so. I had enough knowledge to remember what was needed in the exam but that doesn’t mean it can happen again.

The exam that I am taking is worth 40% of my final grade. The other 60% was coursework. In my coursework I needed to make a functioning radio from scratch. This, I can tell you, gave me sleepless nights and I literally had dreams about it. Long story short after going after school- every day for four months – and coming in on the holidays, I completed it and got an A. Now, I was over the moon with this and I felt I truly deserved that A after all the nights I had spent on it. But now knowing about that A I got, I know if I screw up on my exam it will lower my final grade. All that effort would be for nothing.

I hope I get the grade I want, and think I deserve, but I need to revise. Hard. These twelve pages won’t read themselves so that is what I will have to do. Sometimes it just feels like there is no break from it all.


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