exam stress

I’m sitting here after finishing twelve sheets of revision for an exam I have on Friday the 13th of June. (Yeah I know, unlucky or what!) I’m trying desperately to remember all I wrote and all I have learned but finding it increasingly difficult.

Everyone has a different method of revising, the lucky ones have photographic memory and just seem to be able to remember things easily. This, unfortunately, I am not. I find it difficult to remember things and I am the sort of learner who needs colour to enhance their revision notes. Procrastination is my one down fall. What I am doing now is procrastination. Instead of pouring over the pages I have just written I’m blogging. Yes- this will enhance my English- but this is not the subject I am revising for. (For anyone wondering I am revising for DT: product design) This subject is extremely difficult to revise for. Not only do you have to learn EVERYTHING about this type of design technology but I have no clue what the exam will contain.Image

This leads me on to my next point. I am pretty much a pessimist in almost everything, so knowing that 95% of the things I’m revising for wont even come up on the exam irritates me. It seems that exams aren’t a true representation of our learning and more about who can remember the most. I wouldn’t say my memory was appalling but it’s not the greatest. Examiners have no idea the stress students have in exams like this!

Also, I feel I need to live up to the expectations of not just the teachers, but my classmates as well. They think I’m stupid for stressing about the exam because they think I can just magic up an A but these types of exams are really hard. I have already done my mock exam in this and I got a B (four marks of an A) which I was pleased about, partly because I gained something knowing I could do it, and partly because I forgot to revise until the week before. When telling my friends this they basically said, told you so. I had enough knowledge to remember what was needed in the exam but that doesn’t mean it can happen again.

The exam that I am taking is worth 40% of my final grade. The other 60% was coursework. In my coursework I needed to make a functioning radio from scratch. This, I can tell you, gave me sleepless nights and I literally had dreams about it. Long story short after going after school- every day for four months – and coming in on the holidays, I completed it and got an A. Now, I was over the moon with this and I felt I truly deserved that A after all the nights I had spent on it. But now knowing about that A I got, I know if I screw up on my exam it will lower my final grade. All that effort would be for nothing.

I hope I get the grade I want, and think I deserve, but I need to revise. Hard. These twelve pages won’t read themselves so that is what I will have to do. Sometimes it just feels like there is no break from it all.



Cliques. Image

This is a word many people associate with American teenage chick flicks. Countless movies have been made about this. One – with the imaginative name –  The clique. This is an old movie in the grand scheme of things but, regardless, I watched it. Now, I come from a school that doesn’t have a big problem with cliques but there is still an underlining whisper of it. I don’t believe that any school doesn’t have cliques but some are worse than others.

Movies perceptive of cliques are nothing like what they really are. You want to make a movie about cliques, you go into a school and people watch. It takes five minutes to work out the ranks. Now it’s nothing so organized as mean girls with their guide to ‘North Shore High’ and when where you sit in the cafeteria is crucial. In my school, if you’re popular, you don’t sit in the cafeteria at all. There is a rule in my school that everyone should eat in the cafeteria and not outside because of litter, but the ‘cool’ ones break that rule and eat, you guessed it, outside. That’s if they eat at all.

Now for my rank. I would never, under any circumstances, call myself popular. Regardless of that, I’m well know enough for people to know my name and have the odd casual conversation with, without it being awkward. I manage to be able to talk to almost everyone and I feel this is the best way. Some, I must admit, act differently if they are on their own or with others from their clique. The popular people that I speak to, on occasional, are always polite and not anything like Regina George although they are nicer when they are on their own.

The cliques in my school are as follows : The popular group, the alternative group, the wanabees, the footballers, the basketball players, the trend setters and my friends and I.

Now, cliques are normal in a school. You’re finding yourself as a person and you’re going to want to go into a group of people who best reflect your own personality. This is when cliques are manageable, they get out of hand when people are treated differently according to their rank. Populars not mixing with the others as it will almost tarnish their credibility.

We all need to take a step back and realise that cliques don’t define you as a person. You are who you choose to be, not who you follow around and not who you hang around with. If anything, you are insulting yourself by putting one label on your personality. Do you really think you could describe yourself, as a person, with one word? A word that reflects every angle of your personality and who you aspire to be. Every single one of us on this world is different. Don’t succumb to societies twisted view of adolescent life by following the rules of what they think is right and wrong. Make your own path and don’t get lost in the open world before you.

Rant over. 🙂